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To stay competitive in the Denver metro and Henderson, CO roofing industry, Endurance Roofing has a program that enables us to provide the most attractive roof pricing in the industry. The relationships we have established, maintained and steadily grown with our roofing material vendors and suppliers helps us do that and pass the cost savings on to our clients. As a company, we also have been influenced by the best practices of process improvement methodologies. We’ve implemented a LEAN production approach which allows us as a company to run at a lower cost, by using (and wasting) less and staying more productive and efficient. We can and do routinely handle high roofing volumes. We have created, nurtured and expanded outstanding roofing material supplier relationships. Our ongoing goal and commitment is to offer new construction builders the most competitive pricing with the best workmanship and customer service in the industry.

Endurance Roofing Offers Builders & Contractors Competitive Pricing Based on the Following:

  • Endurance Roofing’s economies of scale in roofing materials + roofing labor + roofing overhead = excellent roofing value.
  • We pass along to our customers the savings we gain on efficient planning, process expertise and volume orders on materials.
  • Our many years of experience allow us to minimize waste in every detail of our well-honed processes.
  • Endurance Roofing’s finely tuned roofing methods and techniques make the best use of our time and yours.
  • Multiple crews can be mobilized as needed to optimize value and scheduling for our customers.
  • We can accommodate your specific roofing requirements, regardless of the scope of the project.
  • Long-standing partnerships with our suppliers equate to minimal delays in getting your project completed.
  • We value long-term commitments and approach every job with a win-win attitude; if your roofing project is a success, so are we.
  • Our continued steady growth in the Denver roofing industry assures you that we will be here for the long haul to stand by our work.
  • Our central Denver location and proximity to Colorado roofing material suppliers means optimum value for builders in the greater Denver metro area and Front Range communities.
  • Endurance Roofing is currently working with some of the largest tract home builders in the nation. If they trust us, you should too.

Roofing Material Economies of Scale

Endurance Roofing maintains a consistently large volume of business. This translates to economies of scale that help all our customers, both commercial and residential, get the most for their money. When we buy in volume, we save, so we can afford to pass significant savings along to you. Our roofing purchasing staff knows how and where to get the best value on materials regardless of the type of roofing system involved. We’re happy to share that economy with you so that we both enjoy the benefits of the bargains we’re able to obtain.

Roofing Labor Economies of Scale

Endurance Roofing’s routinely high business volume also contributes to savings in the area of labor. We maintain multiple crews of certified, insured, trained, experienced employees – and our crews are all employees, not subcontractors. Having multiple crews of highly skilled, knowledgeable roofers means that we complete our roofing jobs quickly, efficiently, on schedule and on budget. We know the roofing craft well and this seasoned expertise results in accumulated savings we can pass along to you. When you work with Endurance Roofing, you hire a team of roofing professionals that is intimately knows the roofing trade from start to finish, both in the office and on the roof. We ‘eat, sleep and breathe’ roofing technology; this works in your favor so you can focus on your areas of expertise.

We pass along savings from efficient planning and roofing process expertise.

Endurance Roofing’s process improvement expertise in lean production technology and waste minimization also contributes to savings to our building construction customers. Our passion for minimizing waste in every area of our operation – from material economies to schedule optimization – gets passed along to all our customers, including builders of new construction, spanning single-unit and multi-unit residential and commercial projects.

Our emphasis: creating lasting relationships with our tract and new construction builders

Endurance Roofing works with many of the largest national tract home builders and numerous other builders with varying capacity and scope. We grow these relationships by passing along savings to builders, meeting and exceeding schedule expectations, and providing last quality, warrantied work by insured, safe and certified roofing crews when and where they are needed. We’re happy to provide references of Henderson builders (and many other regional Colorado construction professionals) who appreciate the quality, economy and responsiveness of Endurance Roofing.
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