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5 Year Roof Certification Program

Endurance Roofing offers a Five-Year Roof Certification Program for Real Estate Organizations, agents, and brokers in the Denver, Colorado region. Trust the seasoned professionals at Endurance Roofing with your roofing certification needs.

The Endurance Roofing 5-Year Roof Certification Program is thorough! Endurance Roofing checks a wide variety of important roofing trouble spots; we know what to look for, such as potential water/snow dams. When we have completed our extensive inspection, you can rest assured that an Endurance certified roof will perform as expected for the full duration of the 5-year program, and typically far, far beyond.

5 Year Roof Certification Inspection Areas

Endurance Roofing performs the following visual inspections and related roof repair tasks with each 5-Year Roof Certification:
  • Overall roof integrity, functionality and appearance
  • No missing or damaged shingles or tiles (including weather damage such as hail)
  • No fascia or soffit damage
  • Proper installation of all roof penetrations
  • Proper installation of step flashings on side walls
  • Proper installation of head wall flashings
  • Proper installation of chimney flashings
  • Proper installation of skylights or solar tubes
  • Proper installation of water diverters
  • Proper installation of snow guards or brackets
  • Proper installation of heat tape
  • Proper installation of swamp cooler flashings
  • Proper installation of gutters and downspouts; no gutter drainage issues
  • Proper installation of drip edge metal on eaves
  • Valleys are straight and installed properly
  • Decking is not soft
  • Ridge cap is secure and not cracked; ridge vents are properly installed
  • Shingles are granulated and fiberglass backing is intact
  • Underlayment is present and properly installed
  • Pipe jacks are intact and not deteriorated
  • Nails are sealed
  • Turtle vents are functioning appropriately and installed correctly
  • B-vents, turbine vents and other exhaust vents are functioning and installed properly
  • Laundry vents are functioning and installed properly
  • All roofing components are up to code
After completing the on-site inspection, if it is determined that the roof cannot be certified, Endurance Roofing will suggest appropriate repairs that must be completed to finish the certification.
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